Where Tameika Stands on the Issues

Our Policy Platform is a promise to all of Columbia.

The strength of Columbia is her people and our unique diverse neighborhoods.

To me, that means thinking big about how to build a more resilient, healthy, and equitable Columbia, and then having the courage and political will to fight for all of our families and make that Columbia a reality.

Now is the time to make real investments in our neighborhoods and adjacent commercial corridors, creating good sustainable jobs, protecting our environment, and building a community where everyone thrives. We can build wealth in our communities by closing the racial wealth gap, providing job training, and supporting small businesses and local entrepreneurship. 

Our policy platform is more than a vision. It’s a promise to all Columbia residents. A promise to take on our hardest challenges, and to center our efforts on the pursuit of racial, economic, and environmental justice. 

Whether it’s fixing administrative processes or working to change systems, improving the quality of life for the people of Columbia has been at the core of my time in public service.

In partnership with the community, we’ve shaped some of the most impactful policy discussions in our city. During my years on the City Council, I’ve worked to deliver for families across the city and I want to continue that work in a bigger way.

That is why I have decided to run for Mayor, and I hope I can earn your support to continue the fight for all citizens.


Tameika’s top priority is keeping our families safe. She has consistently supported our first responders and increased funding for public safety. As Mayor, she will expand community policing to improve relationships between the community and law enforcement and develop real solutions to make all our neighborhoods safe.


COVID-10 has revealed many disparities when it comes to health, education, and economics. These problems aren’t new, but they have been further complicated by the pandemic and we need bold leaders like Tameika to ensure our recovery includes everyone. As mayor, Tameika will combat health disparities, reduce food deserts, provide financial assistance to small businesses, and ensure that everyone has access to vaccines and public health information.


Tameika has always pushed for greater transparency and wiser spending decisions in city budgets, like dedicating more than $500 million to improve our city’s water infrastructure as a City Councilwoman. As Mayor, she’ll prioritize improving our city streets, water lines, and infrastructure effectively and efficiently with federal dollars.


Tameika has spent her entire life working for a Columbia that works for everyone. As Mayor, Tameika will hire a Director of Equity and Inclusion to combat the inequities in our city and address affordable housing, poverty, education, and health disparities in our underserved neighborhoods.


On the City Council, Tameika created a financing plan to bring more businesses to Main Street and help small business thrive and grow. As Mayor, Tameika will promote job training programs that help residents earn higher-paying jobs and prepare for the jobs of the future.


Every Dollar Counts, and We Are Grateful for Your Support.

Tameika Isaac Devine for Mayor - Columbia, SC

Tameika Isaac Devine for Mayor – An Independent Voice, Always Working for US.

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Our promise to Columbia residents is to take on our hardest challenges, and to center our efforts on the pursuit of racial, economic, and environmental justice.

We are grateful for your support.

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