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PAC Endorsements

Tameika Isaac Devine has demonstrated a strong start to her mayoral campaign and it’s clear that others have begun to take note. Since Devine announced her run in February, she has garnered endorsements from many national Political Action Committees (PACs).

“I am honored that these amazing grassroots organizations have taken notice of our campaign and have thrown their support behind assisting us in our quest to become the next Mayor of Columbia,” Councilwoman Devine said.

Women for Devine

Video Endorsements

Congressman Jim Clyburn

It’s official! House Majority Whip James Clyburn endorses Tameika Isaac Devine as the next mayor of Columbia, SC. The endorsement happened today at Columbia City Hall surrounded by others endorsers like City Councilman Howard Duvall, Former Senator Kay Patterson, and others. Just recently, Devine for Mayor announced an endorsement of at least 18 neighborhood community leaders throughout the city of Columbia, including the current president of Columbia Council of Neighborhoods, John Black.

Elizabeth Marks

This week, we celebrated Good Neighbor Day. Thank you Elizabeth Marks, President of the Robert Mills Neighborhood Association, for your support. It means so much.

John Black

Today is #GoodNeighborDay and John Black, President of the Columbia Council of Neighborhoods, believes that Columbia needs a Mayor that will advocate for all neighborhoods and he know that Tameika Isaac Devine is that person.

Tanya Rodriguez-Hodges

Tanya Rodriguez-Hodges knows that Columbia needs a Mayor that embraces our city’s diversity and champions equitable growth, including for our Latinx communities. Hear her reasoning for supporting #DevineForMayor.

Bri Jenkins

Brianna Jenkins is the founder of Feeding Finlay, a nonprofit dedicated to providing food and resources to unsheltered persons in downtown Columbia. She is supporting #DevineForMayor because of Tameika’s record of supporting Columbia’s unsheltered community and because she knows that Tameika will continue and expand that support as Mayor.

James Mitchell

Today is a great day to recognize an endorsement from my dear friend, Former City Councilman of Charlotte, NC, and past President of the National League of Cities James Mitchell. James has been a great regional partner during my time as Columbia’s At-Large City Couniclmember. He knows first-hand how important it is to have actual experience and leadership to be an effective Mayor for a city. I’m so grateful to have his support!

Mayor Vi Lyles

Charlotte is a growing southern city full of opportunity, much like Columbia. Mayor Vi Lyles is a native of Columbia. She’s attended all city schools including A.C. Flora High School. Mayor Lyles understands what it takes to run a growing metropolitan city. She’s endorsing #DevineforMayor because of her own personal experience as a former Columbia resident and current Mayor.

Albert “Shaka” Waklatsi

Columbia needs a mayor that will work not only for the community, but with the community. Community advocate and veteran Albert “Shaka” Waklatsi knows that #DevineForMayor will do exactly that. Hear why.

Hamilton Osborne

Former District 4 Councilman Hamilton Osborne knows that #DevineForMayor is the type of leadership that can bring all corners of Columbia to the table and work together with them to best serve our city. Hear why he’s supporting #DevineForMayor.

Anne Sinclair

Anne Sinclair is a former Columbia City Councilwoman of 20 years and trusted community leader who represented District 3. She has experience in local government and knows what it takes to lead a city. This is why she is supporting #DevineforMayor.

Kristi Schrader

Former educator Kristi Schraeder is supporting #DevineForMayor because of Tameika’s long standing commitment to education and supporting Columbia’s youth.

Mazie Lewis

Mazie Lewis is a retired elementary music teacher in Richland County School District One and a resident of Columbia for 45 years. Hear why she’s endorsing #DevineForMayor.

Brian Curran

Brian Curran and I have worked together in the past to make Columbia more bike-friendly. I am thrilled to have his support and to continue that work as your next Mayor. #DevineForMayor

Senator Kay Patterson

Senator Kay Patterson has worked in the South Carolina Senate for 34 years. He knows Tameika Isaac Devine and her family personally. He has watched her served in various capacities and supports #DevineforMayor because of her work in the community and bringing everyone together at the table.

Allen Love

Allen Love says he can always count on #DevineForMayor especially when it really matters. He’s endorsing because of her continued work to solve problems in the City.

Linda Salane

Linda Salane is a long time resident of Columbia, and community activist. She’s endorsing Devine for Mayor because they both have a passion for championing communities. #DevineForMayor

Lester Young

Lester Young is the founder of Path 2 Redemption and a community advocate for those living with a felony conviction. Lester shares the collaborative work to pass a ban the box ordinance. He’s endorsing #DevineForMayor because of her work to advocate for the formerly incarcerated.

Mattie Allen

Columbia’s next Mayor must be responsive and accessible. My history of public service demonstrates exactly that. Hear Mattie Allen talk about why she’s supporting #DevineForMayor

Rick Wade

Rick Wade has been a visionary leader, both in South Carolina and nationally, for decades. Hear in his own words during a fundraising event in DC why he’s endorsing #DevineForMayor and believes you should too.

Nelson Spigner II

Columbia needs a Mayor that is truly invested in all of its citizens. Thank you, Nelson, for believing in me to be that leader. #DevineForMayor

George Cauthen

Tanya Hatton is a member of #TeamDevine because she believes that #DevineForMayor is a campaign that prioritizes people over personal agendas. Thank you Tanya for standing with me and this movement to better Columbia for all!

Tanya Hatton

Tanya Hatton is a member of #TeamDevine because she believes that #DevineForMayor is a campaign that prioritizes people over personal agendas. Thank you Tanya for standing with me and this movement to better Columbia for all!

Regina Williams

Regina Williams is a retired educator who believes that #DevineForMayor is a leader who listens and truly cares about Columbia’s citizens. Hear why she’s a part of #TeamDevine.

Mandy Halloran

Mandy lives in the Earlewood Community and says she is endorsing Devine for Mayor because of commitment to championing communities and inclusive growth.

Luther Battiste

Much like me, Luther J. Battiste is no stranger to making history. He was one of the two first African-Americans to serve on Columbia City Council and remained in that role for 15 years, including two terms as Mayor Pro Tempore. He is a proven servant leader to this city and I am honored to have his support.

Rep. Leon Howard

Thank you Rep. Leon Howard for acknowledging my proven record of service and leadership. Your belief in me and this campaign is not taken lightly and I thank you.

Libby Gober

The city of Columbia needs leadership that will effectively help us continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Libby Gober knows that #DevineForMayor IS that leadership and we are so grateful for her support. #TeamDevine

Toliver’s Mane Event

Toliver’s Mane Event Barbershop has been a staple in Columbia for 45 years. Chris Toliver shares why he and his father, Herbert, are longtime supporters and endorsing #DevineForMayor.

Rep. Jermaine Johnson

Columbia needs a mayor that embodies bold and transformative leadership. SC State Rep. Jermaine Johnson knows that our campaign meets the moment of where we are as a city and I am so thankful to have such a devoted public servant in our corner on #TeamDevine.

Tyson Lusk

Community leader Tyson Lusk understands the importance of this campaign in leading Columbia into a bright and inclusive future. I am deeply honored to have his support as a member of #TeamDevine. #DevineForMayor

Harriet Hancock

Columbia is rich in diversity, it’s one of Columbia’s greatest assets. Harriet Hancock works with citizens in marginalized communities. Listen as Harriet shares why she’s supporting Tameika Isaac Devine for mayor.

Kareem Evans

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Kareem Evans closing on his first home with the help of Tameika Isaac Devine. To commemorate this milestone, he’s sharing why homeownership is important and why he’s supporting #DevineForMayor. #TeamDevine

Carol Fowler

Former Chairwoman of the SC Democratic Party, Carol Fowler says she is supporting Tameika Isaac Devine as the next Mayor of Columbia because of PROVEN leadership to take the City to the next level. In her own words: “When Tameika speaks everyone listens.” #DevineForMayor


(L to R: Rep Leon Howard, Vince Ford, Former Councilwoman Anne Sinclair, Richland County Coroner Naida Rutherford, Paul Bouknight, Senator Mia McLeod)


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