Why I Am Running

Now’s the time for us to lead.

Growing up in Columbia, I never thought I would run for office one day.

I come from a very community- and civically-engaged family, but not one that was engaged politically. However, I was taught if you want to see change then don’t just sit back, complain and wait for others to do it, but roll up your sleeves and get in there and do the work yourself.

I went to law school to help be that change for my community. And from working in the community, to serving as a member of City Council and serving as legal representative to those who are experiencing mental health issues, I have seen how government and politics can help solve problems, remove barriers, and empower people. That’s why I ran for City Council in 2002, and why I work every day to build community and push for the future that our families and children deserve.

On City Council, I’ve worked as a coalition builder and problem solver to deliver results to everyone I serve no matter who you are or where you live.

I love Columbia for the amazing city she is and I know there’s so much more we need to do together.  Covid-19 has revealed so many disparities when it comes to health, education and economics. These problems aren’t new, but they have been further complicated by the pandemic and we need bold leadership to bring about equitable solutions to address them.

This work is deeply personal for me. As a wife, mom and small business owner, I feel the urgency of families fighting the system to hear us, and to build communities that are healthy, safe, and resilient.

Now’s the time for us to lead.


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(L to R: Rep Leon Howard, Vince Ford, Former Councilwoman Anne Sinclair, Richland County Coroner Naida Rutherford, Paul Bouknight, Senator Mia McLeod)


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Tameika Isaac Devine for Mayor - Columbia, SC

Tameika Isaac Devine for Mayor – An Independent Voice, Always Working for US.

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Our promise to Columbia residents is to take on our hardest challenges, and to center our efforts on the pursuit of racial, economic, and environmental justice.

We are grateful for your support.

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